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Bring your vehicle into NorthEast Automotive for expert maintenance and repairs.


Engine Services

NorthEast Automotive should be your first choice for engine repairs in Calgary. Our certified technicians are equipped with advanced technology and years of experience to diagnose and solve any and all of your engine problems. No matter the issue, our mechanics are standing by to ensure that you receive the finest, high quality service when it comes to your auto engine problems. Our dedication to phenomenal service extends far beyond your car in the shop.

We are more than happy to arrange a tow to the shop and for customers to be picked up to collect their car once service has been completed. This is just another way we show you that we are dedicated to our customers having a comfortable, and a hassle-free experience with NorthEast Automotive.


  • Major tune-ups

  • Major engine overhauls

  • Engine replacements

Whatever your needs may be, we understand that your vehicle is a huge part of your life, comfort, and livelihood. NorthEast Automotive is here to help you make a qualified decision that will fit your budget and get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Transmission Services

For many of us in Calgary, transmission repairs can make you feel a little uneasy. NorthEast Automotive is here to help you rest easier with the full knowledge that we will take care of you, your transmission, and your vehicle. Our certified technicians are adept at diagnosing and solving all of your transmission problems. Being aware of what constitutes a potential problem will help you prevent massive repair costs, and lengthen the life of your transmission. Here are a few tips to help you keep an eye on the health of your vehicle’s transmission:

  • If you discover a leak of red fluid from your vehicle, you may want to have the transmission fluid checked immediately. Insufficient fluid will destroy your transmission in a very short time, so keep an eye out for any leaks, but especially if the liquid is red.
  • If your RPMs are bouncing when you shift gears, your transmission could be slipping. A slipped transmission can make your vehicle unsafe for driving. Most often the cause is a worn or unadjusted clutch, but it could be internal damage in the system. Any sort of noise when shifting is usually unhealthy. Low fluid levels or damage to the internal gears could cause a whirring or “buzzing” noise. Check the fluid levels immediately or bring it in for a service.
  • If your transmission is overheating or making a burning smell, it could mean a serious issue. Top off your transmission fluid and contact us immediately, and we can arrange to have your vehicle towed directly to our shop.

Our technicians are certified and capable of repairing or replacing your transmission quickly and with the lowest possible cost to you. Whether your transmission needs a fluid change, clutch adjustment, or a full rebuild, NorthEast Automotive is here to end all of your transmission worries.


  • Transmission repair

  • Differentials 

  • Transfer case repair

  • 4x4 diagnostics & repair

  • Fluid change

  • Filter replacement

  • Clutch adjustment

  • Pan gasket

  • Installation

When your engine or transmission needs servicing or repairs, CALL NORTHEAST AUTOMOTIVE in Calgary.

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